Spring Bliss - Shrii Shrii Anandamurti's Birthday

  • 05 May 2023
  • 4:00 PM
  • 07 May 2023
  • 2:30 PM
  • Catskills Region, NY


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • per person, 1 bunk in a collective room of 4 or 6 people
  • For two adults - one night in the Viplava House 1st Floor room
  • one room with one bunk bed and using the collective bathrooms
  • per person in a room with two beds and using the collective bathrooms. The room is a 5-minute walk from the program hall.
  • Price for two people staying on the ground floor with attached bathroom
  • One full bed and two bunk beds for a family or group of 4 people. This is the price for 4 people.
  • Price for those facing some financial hardships. The room is a 5-minute walk from the program hall
  • Registration fee for Adults who are staying off-site at a B&B or elsewhere (arranging separate payments). Includes all meals from Friday Dinner through Sunday lunch and the attendance to the program.
  • Free for children up to 15
  • One private room and shared bathrooms
  • This includes the program and up to two meals in the day.
  • In case you cannot attend the retreat, join the programs on Zoom. Price per family.
  • For those attending only part of the program online
  • Full time Mission workers

Registration is closed

 Spring Bliss

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti's Birthday Celebration 

May 5-7, 2023

On the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti we invite you to a weekend retreat of Kiirtan and Bliss. 


Twelve hours Akhanda Kiirtan 
A very special video of a discourse by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Lots of opportunity for deep meditation
A Kiirtan workshop
Yoga Asana Classes
Philosophy quizzes
Cooperative games
Kaos'ikii and Tandava
Yoga classes, 
wonderful vegetarian meals, 
and uplifting spiritual company (satsaunga).

This is a golden opportunity to immerse yourself into the blissful waves of ecstatic kiirtan and deep meditation.


In case you cannot attend the retreat in-person, it will broadcasted on ZOOM

    What to bring? 

    Comfortable and sentient clothing for indoor programs 
    Outdoor clothing  (depending on weather at the time)
    Shoes for hiking and walking outdoor.
    Slippers for inside 
    Personal toiletries
    Blanket for asanas and meditation.  

    Guitars and musical instruments. 

    "The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend." 

    1 January 1956 - Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (First Ananda Vanii)

    Registration: choose from amongst the various options.

    Accommodations: Couples and Families can get their own room, singles may be in a room with 2 people or up to 6 people. There is only 1 room with attached bathroom. All other rooms share collective bathrooms. Capacity is limited, register soon. 

    You can stay off site in nearby BNBs or hotels. Included in the cost: you will get the program, accommodations and delicious vegetarian meals. 

    Do not let finances stop you!  Email us about special discounts or work scholarships

    Registration: Register online and you can pay by using a debit or credit card, cash or check - sending a check payable for the Path of Bliss, 22 Joel M Austin Rd N, Cairo, NY 12413.

    Refund Policy: No refunds 10 days before the retreat only credit for future retreats minus a 15% fee. Refunds before that get a 10% reduction. Payments on site are charged an extra $20. Questions, please email: blissretreats@pathofbliss.com


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