ÁSANA: The third limb of aśt́áḿga (eight-limbed) yoga. Ásanas are postures for curing physical problems, especially those that interfere with SÁDHANÁ.

BABA: Affectionate name for Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti.

DHARMACAKRA: collective meditation.

KAOS’IKII: a dance which is a complete exercise for mind, body, and spirit.

KIIRTAN: chanting the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam sometimes accompanied by a simple dance called Lalita marmika.

NAMASKAR: salutation - "I salute the divinity within you with all the good thoughts of my mind and love of my heart".

NIYAMA: the second limb of aśt́áḿga (eight-limbed) yoga, including 5 practices for a balanced relationship with oneself.

SÁDHANÁ: literally, “sustained effort”; spiritual practice; meditation.

SHAOCA: first point of NIYAMA - pervasive cleanliness of body and mind.

SIXTEEN POINTS: a series of 16 practices for personal physical, psychic, and spiritual development as well as for social harmony given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

TÁŃD́AVA: A vigorous dance for male spiritual aspirants, originally formulated by Shiva. It develops the glands in a way that enhances courage and fearlessness. When Shiva Himself does this dance (Shiva Nat́arája), the dance becomes a metaphor in which Supreme Consciousness sends vibrations throughout the universe and causes all objects of the universe in turn to radiate vibrations.

WHOLETIMER (WT): full time teachers qualified to give initiation and teach the lessons of meditation free of charge.


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