Discover the Joy of Kiirtan

Kiirtan at our retreat is an immersive and soulful musical journey. It's an opportunity for participants to engage in the collective chanting of the universal mantra "Baba Nam Kevalam," meaning "Love is all there is," set to the harmonious backdrop of live musical accompaniment.

Our special Akhanda Kiirtan session is an uninterrupted, three-hour-long chanting experience. Participants are welcome to join in the chanting for as long as they feel comfortable, based on their own desire and physical ability. This practice is not just about vocal participation; it also includes the graceful Lalita Marmika dance, featuring simple, meditative movements designed to harmonize the body and spirit, paving the way for a deeper meditative state.

This program is ideally suited for those already acquainted with the Ananda Marga style of meditation. However, if you're new to our methods and keen to join us, we'd love to welcome you! Please reach out to us via email beforehand for a brief introduction to our practice. Newcomers are requested to arrive a little earlier than the scheduled time for a helpful orientation session.

Join us for a transformative experience of Kiirtan, where music, mantra, and movement converge to create a space of deep spiritual connection and joy.

Upcoming events

The Program: 

Orientation - 9:30 am

Prabhat Samgiita Songs start at 9:45am
Akhanda Kiirtan - 10am to 1pm

Chants & Silent Meditation - 1pm to 1:30 pm

Spiritual Talk by an A'carya (teacher) - 1:30 pm to 1:45 pm 

Potluck Lunch from 1:45pm 

You can sign up to sing, play Kiirtan, help with childcare and/or bring a dish to share if you can (it is not compulsory).

Donations to support the continued development of Ananda Viplava will be deeply appreciated.

The Spiritual Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti said: "Kiirtan is the best medicine for all physical, psychic and spiritual ailments. It will bring about not only improvement in worldly life but success in the psychic and spiritual spheres. Kiirtan will help you in all circumstances, in all possible ways...So do Kiirtan, sing Kiirtan, chant Kiirtan whenever and wherever possible" (Calcutta General Darshan, May 1982).


All Akhanda Kiirtans will be held in the Ananda Viplava Master Unit in Purling, NY in the Catskills Region.


New to Meditation?

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