Intensive Spiritual Training 2023

  • 01 Nov 2023
  • 10:30 AM
  • 14 Dec 2023
  • 10:30 AM


  • One standard price registration
  • For those with financial limitations and students
  • You can get a scholarship if you commit to a 1-year internship with the Path of Bliss

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Intensive Spiritual Training 2023 - Live like a monk

This Intensive Spiritual Training is an immersion in spiritual life and you will learn about the deeper practices of Yoga and Meditation and the Philosophy that supports the practice.

The training will help you to:

  • Become established in a daily practice of meditation and Yoga
  • Develop and reinforce good habits and personal discipline
  • Increase your knowledge of spiritual and social philosophy
  • Be transformed into a true Yogi
  • Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to have a positive impact in the world
  • Experience what it means to be part of a spiritual family
  • Acquire skills such as public speaking, vegetarian cooking, playing Kiirtan, etc.
  • Learn how to practice Yoga asanas
  • Much more...


"For me my training was a special reflective period which brought me suddenly to a crossroad of enormous significance. I never regretted even once this moment for inner commitment. And I never even for a moment forget the excitement I felt when I finished the training and the light of hope, devotion and love that started glowing in my heart even stronger at that point."

"My experience during the training gave me the opportunity to go deep inside myself to find out who I am and what I want to do in my life. I feel a better and more mature person now."

During the training I learned to live, to accept my fears and to face challenges. You teach yourself how to live using the limit of our physical, mental and spiritual capacities."

"After my training my mind became very subtle and pure. I felt instantly ready to help other people. There is something magic in the training. It is like taking big steps at the time."

"The best thing about the training is the SPT week. Everyone should take the training at least to be part of that SPT experience and reach the point of pure bliss."

What qualifications do I need?

  • Trainees must be practicing the Ananda Marga meditation system or ready to learn it
  • You must be ready to follow the discipline and schedule very strictly during the training
  • You must be single, between the ages of 18 and 30 years old
  • You must commit to stay the whole period of the training
  • You must get the recommendation from one Acarya (spiritual teacher)
  • Your application must be accepted by the Trainer (you will get a full refund if not accepted)

Daily routine includes: 

  • Meditation: 4 sessions a day
  • Asanas (Yoga exercises): 2 sessions a day
  • Kiirtan chanting before every meditation
  • Vegetarian meals with vegan option
  • Early morning meditations and late night meditations
  • Daily workshops and classes on the various aspects of Yoga philosophy and Social philosophy
  • Daily "Karma Yoga", working to purify the body and mind


Register online for the training choosing the options available. All options include food and lodging and the training program. The location of the training will be decided by the trainer. We have two main locations at the moment. One in the Catskills, NY and another one near Asheville, NC. 

Those completing the training are given the opportunity of an internship for 1-year with the Path of Bliss and can be assigned to any supported project in North America or Central America. You can get a scholarship if you commit to the internship. 

At present there are two places for training in the US - Catskills, NY and Asheville, NC.


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