Samgiita – Song, Dance and Instrumental Music

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Discourses on kiirtan, samgiita, meditative music, instrumental music, dance and their role in the spiritual quest. "The collective name of dance, song and instrumental music is saḿgiita, or music. Songs produce a vibrational wave which makes our mental waves straight, and these straightened mental waves in turn ultimately touch the point of the soul.Then what is the role of vádya? It vibrates the mind and hence directly vibrates the ectoplasm and maintains parallelism with bháva. regarding dance: dance expresses inner psychic feelings through chanda [rhythm] and mudrá [specialised gestures], without the help of language or words. In occidental dance, there is more beauty in rhythm. But oriental dance utilizes both rhythm and mudrá." P.R. Sarkar (quote from the book) Pages: 129 – Price: $12.00


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