The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism

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The book is a compilation of discourses on Neohumanism, the holistic philosophical theory elaborated by Sarkar and part of the philosophy of Ananda Marg Neohumanism is a worldview characterized by love for the Supreme. This love ultimately overflows onto all objects in the universe. 106 pp. paperback ISBN: 81-7252-168-5 Price: $7.00 "To build a healthy human race we should have given them proper guidance in philosophy, in science, in all branches of human knowledge – which we did not do. We have utilized science more for destructive purposes than for benevolent aims; we have distorted the thought processes of human beings; we have deliberately misguided the people instead of leading them along the proper path....the only remedy is Neohumanism." -- P.R. Sarkar

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