Bengal and Bengalees, Part 1

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P.R. Sarkar studies the civilization of East India starting with Tantra and Indo-Aryan Civilization and continues with essays on Rahr, Gondowana Land, the history of Bengal and more. He writes: "The Bengalee civilization represents the confluence of the three civilizations. The mixture of the three is Báḿlá civilization – Báuṋálii culture. Bengal is not an appendage of Áryyávartta [northern India], nor is it an annex to greater China; nor is it only the flag-bearer of the Austric-Dravid [legacy]. So in trying to give an identity of Bengal, I am left with no alternative but to say that Bengal owes that identity to its river-based existence only. This soil is resplendent with its own originality, lively with its own existence." 450 pages hardbound, Bengali edition published in 1988, This English edition was released in 2013


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