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This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey, which we have endeavoured to present as a pictorial journey as well, through the world of medicines available in nature to cure common diseases which afflict modern human beings - from simple dyspepsia, acidic belching, piles, liver and kidney diseases, rheumatism, skin diseases, female diseases, to life-threatening illnesses such as heart diseases, cerebral stroke, diabetes, cancer, and various nervous-system and mental diseases. The causes, cures and preventive measures are explained lucidly, in simple language, and will come as a breath of fresh air to all those who are burdened with the high costs and side effects of modern medicines and are desperately looking for easier alternatives. One optimistic quote of the author for the future is as follows: "Until now, even with much research the culminating point of animal evolution and the starting point of human evolution has not been discovered. Through more research, one day human beings will certainly discover this missing link. When this unknown link is discovered, enormous changes will occur in the field of genetics, and revolutionary changes will take place the world of medicine." 214 pages, hardbound, color photos, 7 x 9.5 inches, published in 2011


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