Reincarnation: Science of the Afterlife

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by Steven Richheimer Is there life after death? Most of the world’s great religions say yes and affirm the law of karma, i.e. we “reap what we sow.” Throughout history reincarnation was accepted almost universally as the process by which the soul journeys toward eventual union with God. Even today a majority of the world’s population believes in reincarnation. But is belief in an afterlife just wishful thinking or can the scientific method possibly provide an answer? In this book Dr. Richheimer explores the considerable scientific evidence that some children and adults have detailed and verifiable memories of their past lives, and argues that people with exceptional talents and genius may have retained these abilities from previous lives. ESP, out-of-body, near-death, and mystical experiences, as well as numerous other phenomena in which the mind affects the physical body indicate that mind cannot be reduced to brain activity. This is consistent with the idea that we possess a nonphysical aspect of our being (soul) that can survive death. Experiments in quantum physics suggest that consciousness is “king,” not matter, since consciousness is required before a quantum particle can emerge into the physical realm. Reincarnation is consistent with the idea that the ultimate goal of human existence is to attain union with God, since this could take more than one lifetime.  192 pp.


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