Meditation is a process where the mind is withdrawn from disturbing thoughts and concentrated on a single object that brings peace, clarity and harmony. This object may be a word, an idea, a point, a process or an image, or some combination of the above. When the mind is made calm it can reflect and experience the truth of its own nature more clearly. This is called self-realization. This calmness also removes the waves of agitation which cut us off from each other and the universe. Thus meditation also helps us experience unity and harmony with the world we live in.

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Our human mind has a most unique and valuable quality – the ability for self-transformation. It can expand and contract, it can change its shape and nature. It can make itself resemble any object, simply by concentrating on that object. Our minds are true “shape-shifters”. In meditation we use this quality to free ourselves from defects and limitations and mold ourselves into what we truly wish to become. By meditating on love, little by little, we are transformed into love. By meditating on God, little by little, we are transformed into God. Thus, through meditation, we can realize our unlimited potentialities.

A steady, clear and positive mind is the source of power from which all our abilities come. Thus by practicing meditation we improve every aspect of our lives; self-understanding, understanding of others, appreciation of life, ability to handle difficulties, health and vitality, even our immune system and self-healing capacity.

Superficially we are isolated individuals. But on a deep level we are all interconnected. Meditation withdraws the mind from the superficial separateness and focuses on the deeper level of universal oneness. Thus we feel more connected and are also able to help each other.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Mental clarity and peace
  • Feeling of bliss and well-being
  • Transcending negative complexes and developing positive self-image
  • Self-Knowledge and deeper awareness in all aspects of life
  • Vitality, longevity and stronger immune system
  • Emotional stability and cheerfulness
  • Forgiveness and detachment
  • Lower pulse rate and less anxieties
  • Sense of meaning and feeling of progress
  • Better concentration and improved memory
  • Self-control and fearlessness
  • Increased ability to handle stress and adapt to different circumstances

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Many people want to meditate but do not have a clear idea of what it means. In this video recording of a live webinar Dada Rainjitananda explains the technique of Yogic meditation in its various steps.