Ananda Nagar Tantra Piths


Among the many wonders of Ananda Nagar are the places Baba identified as “Tantra Piths (pronounced “peets”)” – places of deep spiritual energy. Many sadhakas have reported that their mind becomes quickly focused for deep sadhana at the Tantra Piths. Baba identified three types of Tantra Piths:

(1) Places where great sadhakas of the past did intense sadhana over an extended period of time, resulting in Liberation for some of these sadhakas.

(2) Places that were visited by Shiva, Krsna, or Buddha during their physical time on the planet.

(3) Places of significance in the history of Ananda Marga, that Baba subsequently designated as Tantra Piths.

A number of the Tantra Piths only have sufficient space to accommodate one sadhaka sitting there at one time. However, Baba also identified other locations designated as “Sadhana Piths” – places conducive for sadhana. These places are usually more spacious, and multiple sadhakas can do sadhana there at the same time.

As part of the development of Ananda Nagar, a cooperative endeavor has been started to improve physical maintenance of the Tantra Piths and to make them more accessible to sadhakas. As part of this initiative, we are happy to announce the creation of Tantra Pith Sadhana Intensives. These are five-day programs that will be held during the time of the most pleasant weather in Ananda Nagar – the months of October to February. The pioneering Tantra Pith Sadhana Intensive will be held February 8th-12th of 2016. Participants should arrive at Ananda Nagar no later than Sunday, February 7. Subsequent Tantra Pith Sadhana Intensives are planned to re-commence in October of 2016.
The Tantra Pith Sadhana Program:

All proceeds from the Tantra Pith Sadhana Intensives will be exclusively used to (a) maintain and develop the Tantra Pith sites and (b) contribute to the building of a new Guest House for Tantra Pith Sadhana Intensive participants and others at Ananda Nagar.

The program is limited to a maximum of 8 margiis per session (early registration is strongly encouraged), who must have been doing regular sadhana for at least 2 years and who can sit in sadhana for at least one hour at a time (changing of leg position is ok). Participants with any type of organizational affiliation are welcome. The program will include:

*daily transport to different Tantra Piths for sadhana

*daily Baba Stories from Senior Workers who spent time with Baba


*all meals

*daily collective kirtan and other spiritual practices.

Additional Assistance and Benefits That will be Available to Participants:

*Assistance in locating less-expensive airline tickets roundtrip to India

*Assistance upon initial arrival at Delhi or Kolkata airports.

*Assistance with rail reservations from Delhi or Kolkata to Ananda Nagar (Ananda Nagar is closer to Kolkata, but airline tickets are usually cheaper to Delhi).

*Assistance with visits to Baba’s birthplace (Jamalpur) and Baba’s quarters in Lake Gardens (Kolkata)

*Accommodation in Ananda Nagar before and/or after the Tantra Pith Sadhana Intensive

*Tour of the Ananda Nagar Children’s Home, medical clinics, schools, Uma Nivas (Sisters Master Unit), and other projects of Ananda Nagar.

*Assistance with rail and hotel reservations for travel to other parts of India.

Cost: US$250 (or the equivalent in Indian rupees) for five full Tantra Pith Sadhana Intensive days.

If you are interested in being a pioneer of this exciting new program, and also thereby helping to maintain and develop the Tantra Pith sites for others to enjoy in the future, please contact:

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