Summer Bliss 2013 (Graphic Missing)
~~ June 30 to July 5 Kingston, New York ~~

This July the Summer Bliss Retreat will focus on the ancient wisdom and science of Tantra Yoga as a framework for understanding your physical and emotional existence. You will learn how both positive and negative emotions impact your health and life, and how the methods of Tantra can control and direct them to cultivate spiritual intimacy and purpose. This is the secret to transforming your life on all levels.

Join us at the beautiful Rosendale Retreat Center in the Catskill mountain range of New York State, surrounded by 235 acres of forest and lake (see photos here). We have invited many of our most experienced teachers who will be giving ted talks style presentations on each cakra, and we are looking forward to sharing this time with you in an atmosphere of spiritual community.

–The Summer Bliss Organizing Committee


PROGRAM A fun, family friendly program with beginner, intermediate, advanced (and combined) collective meditation and workshops, children and teen’s programs, open space technology afternoons, cultural nights, story telling and more.

The bio-psychology and cakras workshops will cover topics such as stress, neuroscience, psychology and relevance to your spiritual practice. See here for detailed program information. Presenters include some of our most experienced yoga teachers, scientists, psychologists and medical practitioners. See their bios here!

Daily Retreat Schedule:  See here

New and intermediate orientation: Separate collective kiirtan and meditation (dharma cakra) three times a day until you have learned the practices required and feel ready to integrate into the dharma cakra for advanced practitioners.

Arrival: Registration opens from 4pm on Sunday June 30th. If you need to arrive earlier (from 2pm), please email to make arrangements.

What to Bring:  Cushion, yoga mat, clothes (including ones that cover the shoulders and knees for collective meditation), towel, toiletries, musical instruments and sports equipment. We will also be having a festive and artistic atmosphere so feel free to bring materials and equipment for art, drama, music etc 🙂

Venue: Air-conditioned conference rooms without the interruption of internet to allow you to fully appreciate the natural surrounds (cell phone coverage is also limited in some areas). Accommodation rooms are without air-conditioning however temperatures get very low at night and usually require a blanket. Rooms come with single beds, mattress and linen for two or more people. Some rooms can be joined together for families. Sheets, blankets and pillows are included in the fee.

Meals: Cooking and kitchen cleaning services are provided by the facility. The menu will consist of Korean vegan food and some refrigerator space will be made available for people who need to supplement their diets with other satvik vegetarian food such as gluten free or dairy products.


We prefer payment in full, however minimum 50% deposit required by March 22nd and April 22nd to obtain super early bird and early bird rates respectively. Checks must be postmarked no later than March 23rd and April 23rd respectively. Full payment due by June 22nd or else a $25 late fee will apply (the venue requires us to make a 90% down payment on the first day).


Registration type
Super early bird

(ends March 22nd)

Early bird

(ends April 22nd)


(ends June 22nd)

 Full Fee Adult
 415  440  465
 Discount 1 Adult: Adults who fly, or drive more than one day
 365  390  415
 Discount 2 Adult: Students and low income families/seniors (e.g. single parents, low wage single income)
 345  370  395
 Special Rate Adult: Bring a first-time retreat attendee
 375  375  375
 Teens (13-17 years)
 250  250  250
 Children (5-12 years)
 170  170  170
 Partial Attendee: Per night (with accommodation)
 $85/night  $85/night
 Partial Attendee: Per day (no accommodation)
 $65/day  $65/day
 International (excluding Canada)
 255  255  255
 Local WT and LFT
 0  0  0


Pricing includes, food, accommodation and programs. Those who can afford it are invited to make a tax deductible donation to help cover the costs for Whole Time volunteers (full time spiritual teachers) to attend. 

Payment Policy: Full payment due prior to arrival at retreat unless on an authorized payment plan. A $25 LATE FEE PER PERSON will be applied to final payments made ONSITE OR AFTER June 22nd (payment plans and adjustments to transportation costs/registration types excepted). Please email to apply for payment plan.

Payment options:

  • Check or money order: Make out to ‘Path of Bliss, Inc.‘ and mail to:
Path of Bliss, Inc.
PO Box 3942

Champaign, IL 61826-3942 

Refund Policy: No refunds after May 31st due to contractual arrangements with the venue. After May we can provide credit to your account. 


Transportation details are listed here.

Give us your transportation details:

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Get involved! We are a volunteer organization and would love to have you join our team. Email us at to find out how you can contribute.

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