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Path of Bliss News
September, 2015

AMURTEL Feeds Refugees in Haiti

Dada Shamitananda sent this report:

I went to Haiti for three weeks, Dada Jyotiriishananda went for two weeks and Didi Ananda, Candrashekhara went and will be  there for more than three weeks. Didi Ananda Jiivaprema, I and Dada Jyotiriishananda went to Ansapitre from Port-Au-Prince by car, a seven hour drive.

Didi took us to camp. The situation is not good. The refugees have no food, no water and the small broken tents are terrible. In that camp there are total 1,700 refugees. A pastor is feeding some of them sometimes. (The refugees are Haitian nationals who were recently thrown out of the Dominican Republic)

They built a small church, made of sacks and clothes and bamboos. 156 children every day to the church. Our Ananda Marga volunteers, four of them teach them kiirtan, meditation and run the temporary school. After the school, food is served to the children. They bring their own bowls.

Some of the photos from the camp are shown in this article.

This is in Ansapitre, next to border of Dominican Republic. We feed refugees in this locality five days a week and this included from 150 to 200 children.

Didi said we could double the number if we had more money. LFT Jagat, Brother Vimalendu and three more brothers and sisters are taking care of the feeding programs.

There are two more camps in Banan, a small village town, 45 minutes from Ansapitre on the way to the capital.

Didi has started a school in Banan a few years ago, after the earth quake, with 150 children. Sister Jyotsna is the head teacher of that school. Jyotsna,  Jayadeva and Pamkaj with other few people run the feeding program in two camps, 5 days a week. They feed total in two camps around 600 to 700 people. In three camps the food is Diri avek Pwa—–the national food in Haiti———Rice with beans. That’s all they eat.

This program started at the end of July and it will continue for a while, we don’t know, at least for two more months.

The Dominican Republic is kicking out the Haitians But Haitian government does not want them back. The Haitian government is saying, “Why did you go there to the Dominican Republic in the first place? So we do not want you back to Haiti.  If anyone is helping them with food  and supplies we will arrest all of them.”

But we are feeding them any way by Baba’s grace.

We urgently need donations as the money that was sent two weeks ago is running out.  Didi calculates that $200.00 a day is needed to continue this feeding program.   Didi says that this feeding program is temporary and perhaps could last around a month.  If you would like to make a donation go to

Retreats in Washington State, Mexico and Wisconsin

As summer fades into autumn there have been several retreats around the sector, and a few more will take place in the next two weeks.

In Seattle region margiis gathered in a scenic park retreat center for a weekend of meditation, kiirtan and workshops on Science and Tantra and other topics.  Here is a photo from the retreat:

Over the Labor Day weekend margiis from Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin held a retreat at the Madison jagrti.  Dada’s Vedaprajinananda and Yatiishvarananda gave workshops.  Here is a photo from the retreat:

In Mexico the retreat was held in Tashirat, a
children’s home with a retreat center in Tepoztlan.
About 20 people participated plus six dadas and didis.  They gathered for a photo while making an outing to a nearby pyramid:

More News from Mexico

Dada Krpasundarananda sent the following report:

Dada Anuvratananda just got back from a very successful 3 week Yoga Teacher Training in Denmark. He is now fully confident to give more and more trainings. So, if you like to organise such training in your local area let him know.

Didi Shanta is continuing her Cooking Classes and the monthly mass feeding at the local womans hospital. Also Didi Ananda Hariprana is busy with service work such as homeopatic consultations and a once a week free medical check up by Tapashi.

As always there were lots of activities in Casa Bhagavat Dharma which is run by Gaungadhara and his wife in Merida.

If you like more regular updates on what’s happening here you can ‘like’ our page on Facebook: Amigos de Ananda Marga Mèxico.

Sister Amrta who lived long time in Ananda Kanan and San Antonio is now back in Mexico. We are very happy with her presence and always positive energy. She is always doing pracar and it is great to have her as part of our team!

Programs in Mexico for the sector and beyond are: The 10 Day Detox in October, The India Tour in December and an other 10 Day Detox in April next year. Dada Dhyanananda will be our guest in-charge for the Detox programs. He has much experience.

News from Jamaica

Dadas Giitisudhananda and Jyotiriishananda conducted a Sentient Health program at a resort in Jamaica during August and a prominent newspaper featured them in lengthy illustrated article.

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