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April, 2014
Good News From Around the SectorMarch 2014 RDSThe acharyas (meditation teachers) of Ananda Marga met in Asheville, North Carolina  during the period March 21-15, 2014 and gave updates on the spiritual and social service work that is going on in North America and beyond.Here is a summary of the reports from the attending teachers:Acarya Vishvamitra: The Prama Wellness Center, located near Asheville, NC  has evolved over the past year. Detox programs are running regularly and Ananda Marga’s system of yogic treatments and practices of naturopathy and Ayurveda are being applied. The center has held ten day programs as well as weekly events in which several hundred people in total have taken part.  The nearby Prama Institute has become well-known throughout the U.S. Adjacent to the Wellness Center and the Prama Institute, a new eco-village is taking shape. Recently a new community residence building was opened and 25 acres are being developed with homes and a school.

Didi Devanistha: The spiritual marriage of Brahma Deva and Anandamayii was conducted in Massachusett, the Boston unit has been rejuvenated,  and Boston Region is hosting the coming summer retreat. Didi visits the Racine, Wisconsin unit and gives seminars there. She also visited Haiti  where she gave training to infant massage program-training instructors.

Acarya Pashupati  is in the process of expanding the prison yoga program in NC and around the country. He also sings regularly at a soup kitchen in Raleigh, NC. On a recent visit to India he helped to distribute solar panels to 1000 families at the Ananda Marga High School in Ananda Nagar and participated in a blanket distribution in adjoining villages.  Pashupati and his wife Shiva Priya are leading an effort to get land for a woman’s college at Uma Nivas and helping to build a new well at Ananda Nagar.

Didi Cirasmita’ is conducting  a six week meditation course in Vermont with beginners and advanced classes. Also in Vermont, 30 volunteers participated in the annual AMURTEL winter fund raising sale.  Didi reports that an online crowd funding  program has been started to support AMURTEL programs in Haiti. This year Middlebury College students went to Haiti to volunteer. A microcredit program was started by AMURTEL in Port-au-Prince and 13 children are in the children’s home run by Didi Ananda Jiiva Prema in Haiti.

Didi Ananda Us’a taught meditation and gave follow-up lessons to several women.  She is supervising a food distribution program in low income areas of Asheville, NC and at two homeless shelters. All the margiis of Asheville are involved in this food program.  A $23,000 loan to set up a  food market in a low income public housing area has been approved. The WWDF foundation also took part in Black history month and gave 500 free breakfasts in the public housing areas. Didi and her team are working with a women’s community resource center in the public housing area of Ashevile.

Didi Ananda Vibha took part in the inauguration of  a yoga center in Malaysia and a women’s conference in Bihar, India and visited other women’s projects in India.

Didi Ananda Vikiirna held a meeting in Long Island, New York and taught meditation. She also made a February visit to a nursing home along with Didi Ananda Vibha where they both taught yoga and meditation. Sadhana shivir (an intensive meditation session) is held every month at Didi’s  center in Queens, in addition to a weekly collective meditation session.
Didi Ananda Anuradha is offering programs for children in a low income neighborhood of Costa Rica (as shown in the photo below).Costa Rica - Didi Anuradha Project Mar 2014 POB Newlsetter
Her center has a playground, school, yoga room and a computer center. Didi also manages a farm project on the outskirts of San Jose.Dada Krpasundarananda took took ten people on the annual tour to India. In Mexico collective meditation is being held with beginners and margiis and preparations are underway for the regional retreat beginning on April 17.

Acarya Dhyanesh guides the University of Texas yoga club in Austin and there are currently 50 people in his class. He gave personal instruction to seven people recently. During January he visited Brazil and helped in the design of the master unit Ananda Kiirtana in Brazi. He was joined by 40 people in the program of designing the MU.  While in Brazil he visited several other projects and was busy giving seminars and teaching meditation. In Austin the Ananda Marga unit distributes food for the homeless and refugees on a monthly basis.

Dada Gananthananda has been working in the Los Angeles area for several years. He recently taught meditation and gave followup lessons to spiritual aspirants there.  Along with the Los Angeles Margiis he has been working to prepare the coming regional spring retreat.  Dada reports that Phaniindra’s yoga class and collective meditation sessions in the San Fernando Valley are well attended and that the feeding program serving the homeless in downtown is continuing successfully as is the  food bank operating at the downtown Ananda Marga Center.

Dada Jiiteshananda, in Queens, NY, teaches meditation and plans to expand his activities in the coming months.

Dada Vedaprajinananda attended the Central Committee meeting in Kolkata in March. He gave a concert in Iowa City and a lecture in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has also been invited to give two concerts at the Champaign Head Start Center and a yoga-meditation and music series at a senior citizens’ home in Urbana, Illinois.

Dada Rainjitananda reports that the master unit in upstate New York is developing and will soon be ready to host programs. Dada recently visited Brazil where he conducted an intensive seven day meditation camp. He also gave presentations at a  retreat and lecture in Rio de Janeiro and his webinars in Italian and English are continuing with greater attendance.  Dada gave a lecture in the world religions program at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Westbury and in public libraries in Miami.

Dada Jagadiishananda‘s activities are concentrated on the West Coast and the North West of the USA where he is lecturing, teaching meditation, and organizing retreats.

Acarya Vivek went to India recently and became a  senior acarya (along with Ac. Pashupati).  He guides the Albany meditation unit and teaches two university yoga classes. He is currently planning future programs which will take place at Boston Region’s master unit in Cairo, New York. 

Dada Jyotiriishananda arrived in the Sector last month and is touring extensively. While in India he set up a skills training program for villagers who are making jewelry with stones from Ananda Nagar.

Dada Nabhaniilananda just returned from Hawaii where he inspired the margiis of Maui. He gave also gave a talk at CISCO and has a coming presentation at Google. He plans to follow up on these talks with a future project that will bring meditation to corporate world.

Two Strategies for Spreading PROUT
by Dada Maheshvarananda

Dada Mahesh and President of Ireland
Narada in Ireland sent a copy of my book,
After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action, to the president of the country, who he knew was a poet and sociologist with very progressive views, though they had never met. A personal thank you note was followed by the gift of another Prout book, Principles of a Balanced Economy by Roar Bjonnes. After two more notes, Narada asked me to fly to Dublin for a week to meet the president with him.

President Michael D. Higgins (in the photo at the right)  is a very wise and gracious man. During our one-hour conversation in the presidential residence, he said repeatedly, “This is a remarkable book that deserves wide circulation.” He introduced us to Ruairí McKiernan, a member of his privy council, who then organized a talk for me in a downtown Dublin hotel for 50 activists. The president also suggested we meet the leaders of the trade union SIPTU which has 200,000 members–they published a review about Prout in the March issue of their magazine,

If you would like to try this strategy, mailing a copy of the book to a progressive politician, journalist or other social leader with a personal letter from you, please contact me at The worst that could happen is the book is ignored; on the other hand it might be read and it could even gain publicity for Prout.

I then landed in New York City and started a four-week tour of six college campuses: Nichols College (Dudley, MA), American University (Washington, DC), Warren Wilson College (Asheville, NC), Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA), Radford University (Radford, VA) and Indiana State University (Terre Haute, IN). I also spoke at three high school classes in Bethesda, MD, Rainbow Cooperative Bookstore (Madison, WI), Multikulti (Chicago, IL), the Unitarian Church (Terre Haute, IN), and I did one TV and five radio interviews.

Before each high school and college class, I pass out slips of paper and ask the students to please write down their feedback and return it to me at the end. I believe this is having an impact because I’ve received hundreds of these notes, 99 percent of which are positive, that say things like: “I love the idea of Prout. I really like this revolutionary quote: ‘The most powerful weapon on Earth is the soul on fire.’… I think if we keep focusing on what you said, we can absolutely change the world. We needed a reminder of why love, peace and helping others are important… The world needs more people like you… This makes me want to start meditating again…”

Contacting teachers in colleges and high schools and offering to speak to their classes is another strategy for introducing Prout to young people.

Prabhat Samgiita of the Month

by Arun Jacobson

Song number 1237 (1/12/1984)

pupil of my eye are You
DÚRE  SARE  YEO  NÁ do not go far away

most beloved in my life are You

do not forget me

You are the soothing coolness of sandal

GANDHE  MÁDAKATÁ intoxicating fragrance of the ketakii flower

You are the warmth of life

do not forget these tears of love

 SNIGDHATÁ  TUMI  the softness of shefalii flower are You

the garden in spring

the rhythm of life are You

and infinite effulgence


This beautiful, simple love song is a favorite to many.  I teach it at school and the children love its purity and sweet melody.
While I like to focus on meanings in my little column, here’s a melodic comment about this song.
Commonly, this song is sung with a minor flaw, reinforced by the use of this song as a kiirtan.  In my opinion, that flaw takes away some of the beauty of the melody.  It occurs in the second line.  To illustrate it, I will use western notes:
DÚ RE   SA RE       YE  O   NÁ
F     G     A  GAG    F   FE   EDC  (there is a quick trill on RE)
As opposed to the commonly sung:
DÚ RE   SA RE       YE  O   NÁ
F     G     A   G           F   E   DC
The key difference is that NÁ begins on the same note that leaves off on and NÁ goes down three steps rather than two. 
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Registration has opened for the Summer Retreat (June 20-27, 2014). The retreat will be held in Milan, New York and the theme is Six Spokes: Unfolding the Secrets of the Universe.  The retreat program will revolve around the six factors that are necessary to build a spiritual society.
This year you can save a significant amount of money if you register early. For details about the retreat and registration please visit our website.
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