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Only 40 Days to the Winter Retreat!

The early bird discount period has passed but the prices are still low compared to standard yoga retreats, and this is an opportunity to enjoy meditation in an exquisite locale, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Don’t miss the chance to meditate with 100 other yogis, hike in the mountains, meditate on the beach, and bring in the New Year with divine chanting and meditation.

The retreat takes place in Malibu, California from December 27 through January 1. Get all the details at our website, and register today.


(This report was received from Dada Mokseshvarananda)

Nicaragua is happy to receive Didi Ananda Priitambhara (formerly Didi Prema) who became avadhutika recently and has reached after a long time.

The Master unit Ananda Nikunja thanks all those who contributed to the building of its volunteer space which will serve the local community with ecology programs, youth camps and seminars for small groups. Even though the building is complete in its structure many things are still needed to make the inside ready.

The new building on the Ananda Nikunja master unit

Two volunteers visited recently and helped for one and two months at the center with the building and by doing yoga sports programs in the local schools. Already four trainees are booked for the LFT training from 6-31 January 2018, (one from mexico, two from Costa Rica and one from Nicaragua).

Vidura, a local full timer (LFT) in Nicaragua

Weekly meals are served at the CEAMNICA school by Dada Visnupremananda, and Dada Prashantananda helped five different communities affected by the recent floods by distributing food and clothing packets.

Illinois and Indiana

A regional retreat was held at Ananda Liina in Urbana, IL in mid October. In addition to local residents, one brother came all the way from Nigeria to attend (he was visiting his son at the University of Illinois, but requested his son to find an opportunity to attend a yoga retreat). He enjoyed the retreat and stayed on in the jagriti a few days more to go deeper into meditation. Here is a photo from the retreat.

Dada Vedaprajinananda performed a full set of music at a harvest festival in nearby St. Joseph, IL and traveled to Valparaiso University in Indiana to give an introduction to meditation to a campus yoga organization. Here is a photo from the harvest festival:


Didi Ananda Mamata was busing with many yoga and meditation programs following the September retreat in Tepotzlan, Mexico. She also worked in the relief work efforts for the earthquake afflicted area in Cuernavaca and collected some food and goods in Mexico city for the relief effort

During the retreat in Tepoztlan she gave a workshop on PROUT, led cooperative games and was the organizer of the retreat.

Her post retreat activities included a Workshop on Yoga/meditation in a drug rehabilitation center of Pilar de Bosques, Puebla. She also gave a lecture on meditation at the Padme yoga centre in Puebla, which was attended by 30, of whom 11 received individual instruction in meditation. In addition, sister Devaki decided to take Local Full Timer (LFT) training and join the ranks for Ananda Marga volunteers in Mexico.

Didi’s workshop on ´”How to control our emotions through yoga and meditation” at the cultural centre Casa Olinka in Puebla was also well attended, and she gave the same workshop in Guadalajara after which six sisters received personal instruction in meditation.

She gave a lecture on Samskaras at the jagriti in Puebla and held collective meditation in Puebla, Cholula, Temixco, Mexico city and Guadalajara.

Yoga Teacher Training in Tiljala, Kolkata

Acarya Pashupati taught an intensive yoga teacher training course at the ashram in Tiljala. Dada taught asanas and philosophy, anatomy and physiology to 30 monks and nuns in Tiljala over a period of 10 days. All were inspired, as their feedback forms report. The associate trainers were Dadas Sarvatmananda and Paritosananda and the organizer was Dada Viitamohananda. At the end of the course they requested Dada Pashupati to do all 42 Ananda Marga asanas sequentially at one time, which he did, and he plans to upload the video of that session on YouTube soon.

Microvita Medicines Move Closer to Widespread Distribution

In the late 1980s Baba gave formulas for Ayurvedic medicines to his son, Kinshuk. Since that time Acarya Kinshuk has been developing the remedies and recently completed the construction of a health inspected factory within the Tiljala ashram campus. Several of the products have passed inspection, have new packaging and are ready for distribution in India. In the photo below there is Rheu oil, which gives relief from arthritis and rheumatism, Bhronco Relief syrup for coughs and colds, Neem Oil for cuts, bruises and skin eruptions, Brainex, for lack of concentration, lack of retention capacity, sleep disorders and weak nerves, and Livtone, a liver tonic.

Outpatient Clinic Getting Ready to Open in Kolkata

In 1991 Didi Ananda Prajina started a campaign to build the Abha Memorial Hospital and Research Center in Kolkata, India. Her idea was to build a hospital that would provide medical care and services to the “poorest of the poor” in Kolkata. In the years since 1991, Didi has been able to register a charity, raise money to purchase a well-located property in Kolkata, and has started the construction of the hospital. The hospital shown an artist rendition above is a long way from completion but three rooms on the first floor are almost finished and Didi hopes to have a functioning outpatient clinic, staffed by volunteer doctors, open soon. You can learn more about the project at this link.

Here are photos of the recent construction:

Path of Bliss Courses

We have a number of Online courses available at the Path of Bliss webpage. The direct link is

Amongst them there is a free meditation course that you can recommend to anyone interested in meditation and it is also to new initiates. There are also more advanced courses on Tantra and Microvita.

Path of Bliss Shop

Find the link on our web page to: . Here you can purchase pratiks and other items for your spiritual lifestyle.

And we are also offering Path of Bliss gift cards that can be used on this shop and also to pay for retreats and other Path of Bliss activities. This is the ideal gift to encourage someone to a spiritual lifestyle during the holiday season. The cards are available in different values.

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