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February, 2016

News From Around the Sector


Towards the end of January, Sprout House had the pleasure of hosting yogic monk Acarya Jyotiriishananda who brightened the house with several days of group meditation and kiirtan, told some great spiritual stories, and shared his wisdom about life.

Over 20 people of diverse ages and backgrounds came to the Sunday dharma chakra that he led, some of whom received a personal meditation lesson from him.


We’re looking forward to a visit from a yogic nun, Didi Ananda Krpadhara, who will be in town February 26th-28th. We may also be hosting another monk sometime around then.

Their visits are great opportunities for anyone interested in learning more about yogic meditation and spiritual practices. In the meantime, all are welcome to attend our weekly Dharma Chakra gatherings. The next one will be at the usual time, Sunday at 4:20pm

Hope to see you there!

Flint, Michigan

AMURT/AMURTEL are sponsoring a program providing water to residents of Flint, MI.  The waterKIMG1274 source was changed from the Detroit River to the Flint River, but necessary additives to prevent the corrosion of the pipes were not added, resulting in high levels of lead in the drinking water.  It will be some time before the residents have access to water usable for drinking and cooking in their homes, so they have been forced to buy water. Many individuals and organizations are not donating water for the people in Flint.

Arpana’ Devi and Vishal Haynes have purchased and distrubuted 50 gallons of water at a soup kitchen in Flint.  The water was pumped from 5 gallon containers into donated plastic gallons (Dairy Fresh donation) by the children in the Bluebird House, a pre-school/ kindergarten in Southfield, MI that Arpana’ Devi and Vishal have in their home.  The children have been bringing in their pennies to help the people in Flint, and pumping water for the project during their play time.

Thanks to those who have donated for the project; Ac. Pashupati, Sadhana and Tvarita.

Phoenix, Arizona

Naciketa arranged a lecture at the university for Dada Jagadiishananda on February 9th.

Dadajagadiishananda-cropped2 spoke on ‘Modern Cosmology, Yogic thought and where They Intersect’. The lecture was well attended. Dada works in the Western US, ranging from Washington State all the way down to Arizona.


Here is a photo of Dada and the young margiis of Phoenix.








This report was sent by Didi Ananda Mamata:
The ongoing yoga and meditation classes here in Guatemala are quite popular. Last Monday Didi Ananda Candrashekara attended the class in  the cultural Center Casa de Cervantes to give an inspiring talk after meditation and offer some Indian clothes to the excited students. 


Patty Galicia, one of my yoga and meditation students who is teaching history at the university and conducting a weekly women´s program at the radio, gave a workshop on sex education for teenage girls at our WWD Jagrti, Guatemala. There is quite a serious problem in the young culture here. I know three youngsters who used to come regularly to my place when they were children and at the age of 15 or 16 they were mothers and most of them were unmarried. 

Costa Rica

During the first days of February several acaryas and margiis gathered together for a retreat. Here is a group photo:

costa rica retreat4

Canada, Oregon and California

Dada Vedaprajinananda toured the West Coast of North America throughout the month of January. His two-hour workshop on Chakras and Kundalinii was videoed by a margii journalist and is  now available for streaming. The same journalist also recorded a 20 minute interview in which Dada describes his memoir (From Brooklyn to Benares and Back) and tells about his life-long work with Ananda Marga. You can watch the video on YouTube. Also the series of short videos (Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Social Service) that Dada did with Liilamaya is now available on one playlist.

Following the program in Canada, Dada traveled to Oregon where he joined DadaLAseminar2 Jagadiishananda.  They conducted Dharmacakra (collective meditation) in Portland, and then went on to Eugene. In Eugene Dada Veda performed songs at the monthly community kiirtan program and finished with Baba Nam Kevalam and a short meditation session.

The two dadas traveled to California and attended collective meditation in Santa Rosa and in Oakland. Dada Veda also went to Marin County where a small collective meditation session was held in Fairfax.  Dada Vedaprajinananda’s tour ended in Los Angeles where he gave a seminar on the Layers of the Mind and the Means to Perfect Them.

Rising Sun Newsletter
published by Women Proutists of North America is online and can be downloaded here.

Coming Events

Prout Strategic Planning Seminar,
May 6-8, 2016,  Prama Institute, Asheville, NC

At the Prout Strategic Planning Seminar, we will dedicate ourselves to developing a collective strategy for presenting Prout in the United States and to planning effective projects on which we can collaborate.

The program for this seminar will attempt to answer three questions:

1. What is the most effective way to present Prout in this country?

2. What collective Prout projects should we be undertaking, locally and on a national level?

3. How can we recruit and train more Proutists?


Early bird discount (before March 1st): $100

Regular cost (after March 1st): $120

To register, please go to prama.org/proutusa-seminar (PayPal or debit/credit card) or send checks to the Prama Institute, earmarked “Prout Retreat”

Summer Bliss Retreat!

This year’s retreat will be held in upstate New York in a beautiful mountain resort in Round Top, New York, near the Ananda Viplava Master Unit in Cairo, New York.  The dates of the retreat are June 26-July 1. Following the retreat there will be special programs on July 2-3 at the Master Unit.

Tale a look at a video compilation from the Winter Retreat, just to get you into the mood for the summer retreat.


Details  for the summer program will be posted online at www.pathofbliss.com soon and sent in this newsletter as well.

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